Meet your Learning Centre Manager - Laura Lamont

Meet your PD Advisor - Chris Tierney

What do you do?

I am here to provide assistance to soldiers and their families to help them develop personally and professionally. I work alongside the RCMO and help the Regiment by recording Functional Skills achievements and also in running CLM courses. I can offer help and advice on any of the company programs that soldiers may have been enrolled in whilst at Larkhill, or assist with helping soldiers gain qualifications offered by the RACPD whilst in the Regiment.

I also assist with the resettlement process and help soldiers claiming the educational grants that are available to them, in particular Enhanced Learning Credits and Standard Learning Credits. My door is always open to offer advice and support on any professional or personal development courses.

Where can I find you?

You can find me in the Training Wing next to the MTWO's office, however you can often find me in the battery Lines supporting learners.  If you need to speak to me but cannot get to me then I am happy to meet away from the office.