Gnr Kendal Wiltshire


What have you been doing since you won the award?
Following on from completion of my apprenticeship, I have completed my CAVA award, and signed up for Traffic Office Level 3 and am now the regimental assessor for DGV Level 2 in Gutersloh. I had a baby in November of last year so am on maternity leave until September. This means I have lots of spare time so I help Shaun, PD Advisor Gutersloh out one day a week completing reviews in the Learning Centre.

So having a baby hasn’t stopped you from doing anything?
No my baby comes with me to the Learning Centre and is often involved with assessor meetings.

What do you see as the benefits of becoming an assessor? You are getting a qualification for free, and you get paid to be an assessor. It’s also good to be helping others with their learning as well.

What’s next? I would like to stay in the MT world and can see myself completing teaching qualifications or the full IQA award so that I can still carry on doing what I love in my day job and by helping others to get qualifications to.

Has anyone supported or encouraged you along the way?
My COC are fully behind me to help me develop myself and allow me the time to complete my studies, as they would be with anyone. It is just a shame that some people don’t make use of the opportunities available to them and see pd as extra work, when in fact it will benefit them in the future, and it is for free!