The results are out!

RACPD is thrilled to announce the results for the 2017 RA Personal Development Awards. A huge thank you to everyone who submitted nominations, the numbers were higher, the quality better, it was a really tough contest this year.

Congratulations to:

Learner of the Year - WO2 Gary Davies, 47 Regt RA
               Highly Commended - Sgt Emmanuel Asamadu-Aboagye, 3 RHA

PD Unit of the Year - 32 Regt RA
               Highly Commended - 4 Regt RA and 26 Regt RA
                             Commended - 12 Regt RA

Apprentice of the Year - Gnr Kayhlan Norgrove, 1 RHA
               Highly Commended - Gnr Eliot Owen, 7 Para Regt RHA
                                 Commended - Gnr Rebecca Botfield, 14 Regt RA, Gnr Connor Gillies, 47 Regt RA

Advanced Course Learner of the Year - Bdr Michael Silverwood, 26 Regt RA
               Highly Commended - Bdr Michelle Cook, 5 Regt RA, LBdr Arron Toy, 4 Regt RA

Assessor of the Year - Gnr Kendal Wiltshire, 26 Regt RA
               Highly Commended - Bdr Rhys Jay, 14 Regt RA, Sgt Dan Wakefield, 1 RHA

PD Supporter of the Year - Capt Richard Morris, 19 Regt RA
               Highly Commended - Capt Mal Shellard, 26 Regt RA, SSgt Katherine Brydon, 12 Regt RA

Chairman’s Special Recognition Award - Bdr Scott Crawford, 32 Regt RA

The Unit of the Year will be decided when the RACPD Board of Trustees sits in the near future.

Presentations of awards will take place in the Spring. Watch this space for all the details!