RACPD is delighted to announce this year’s winners for the RA PD Awards 2016.  Entries this year were very strong, so huge congratulations to all the successful nominations but also to everyone who entered. The RA PD Awards celebrate Gunner individuals and units for contributing to their own and others’ personal and professional development, and the entries this year showcased some fantastic work across the Royal Artillery. So well done to you all!

The presentation of awards took place on the 18 May in the Central Mess, Larkhill. Click here to hear a radio report from BFBS.

Photographs and details of the 2017 awards to follow.

RA PD Award Winners 2016

Learner of the Year

Winner - Bdr Gary Bradshaw, 14 Regt RA (£500)


Achiever of the Year

Winner - Gnr Christopher Clipston, 32 Regt RA  (£500)

PD Unit of the Year

26th Regiment Royal Artillery - winner (£1000)

14th Regiment Royal Artillery - Highly Commended (£500)

Commended - 5th Regiment Royal Artillery and 32nd Regiment Royal Artillery.


Apprentice of the Year

Winner - Gnr Chloe Stromdale, 19 Regt RA (£400)

Highly Commended - Gnr Samantha Lister, 14 Regt RA (£100)
                                        LBdr Varun Bali, 26 Regt RA (£100)

Commended - Gnr Raminder Singh, 26 Regt RA

Advanced Course Learner of the Year

Winner - Bdr Phillip Hardwell, 14 Regt RA (£400)

Highly Commended - LBdr Michael Heathcote, 12 Regt RA (£100)


Assessor of the Year

Winner - SSgt Steven Mullan, 19 Regt RA (£400)

Commended - Sgt Robert Flynn, 14 Regt RA


PD Supporter of the Year

Winner - WO1 (RSM) Katherine Russell, formerly of 32 Regt RA (£400)

Highly Commended - WO2 Simon Veevers, 26 Regt RA (£100)


Chairman's Special Recognition Award

Winner - Gnr Kendal Wiltshire, 26 Regt RA (£300)